Vozol Whiz – A 40W Pod Kit With A Quick-Start Air Sensor

VOZOL WHIZ – Better 40W Pod Kit Even Compare to RPM40

Vozol is really not a new brand on vaping market, they keep improving and innovating.

So here comes the VOZOL WHIZ, an impressive 40W vape pod kit.


Any thing different and improvement from other 40w pod kits?

Let check below:


First, real 0.01s to start air sensor, no delay at all!

While after we tried of WHIZ kit, it is very sensitive, so we did not feel any delay.


Second, better flavor with seaweed fiber cotton.

Why seaweed fiber cotton? Cause it can absorb 20 times volume of e-liquid then other cotton, then it can provide rich and better flavor to you for sure.


Third, funny and useful magnetic dustproof cap.


Fourth, adaptive intelligent system (AIS).

VOZOL WHIZ can bring you a pure and better vaping experience.

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